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Pursuit of Happiness Thought of the Day:

Pursuit of Happiness Thought of the Day:

Pursuit of happiness thoughts of the day

Making Magic

We’ve all had dreams and goals that we have felt were impossible to accomplish. However, all it takes is a little magic and here are the steps we have found to be sure fire ways to create amazing things in your life: (1) Get clear on what you want. Spend time envisioning and putting down on paper the “want”. Paint the picture in your mind and with your pen. (2) Deal with the beliefs getting in the way of you having it (Write down the negative messages you are hearing and underneath each one write a response about what is NOT true about them. Untangling the limiting belief is necessary to free up your energy to create instead of sabotaging. (3) Ask and you shall receive. Say what it is you want out loud to as many people as possible. Go even further and let them know how they can help you. (4) Work your tushie off. Be in action. Get yourself out there. Strategize. Plan. Research. Talk to people. Move. (5) Be gracious and generous. When you receive, be gracious about it. It is about being humble and appreciative. And be sure to pay it forward. Give back whenever you can. Create some magic for others!

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